Formation Choker

Size Chart
  • PRODUCTION TIME: 3 weeks.
  • CRAFTSMEN INVOLVED PROCESS: (3) Miguel Angel, Luis, Karim.
  • MATERIALS: Recycled brass mixed with silver / Gold-plated 24K

Inspired by one of our best sellers: Shroom Ear Cuffs. We wanted to create a mini collection that you can play with in different ways. This choker, simple and easy to use every day, is also perfect to mix with the other pieces in this collection, creating the coolest look! Made completely by hand in our atelier in Cali-Colombia, with sustainable materials such as brass mixed with silver / 24K gold plating.

The step by step is as follows: First we create the wax shape, carved by Karim (our Jewelry leader) completely by hand. When we are not satisfied with the wax result, we design the piece in a 3D program on the computer and it is laser printed. Once it is approved, we make a mother mold from which multiple copies are made. The trees are made with wax, they are filled with metal (which in our case is recycled bronze mixed with silver. We buy that bronze to other jewelers and we do it with the purpose of reducing waste in the industry).

Upon leaving the oven, each piece is polished by hand, by our team of goldsmiths and finally they are bathed in 24K gold (which we outsource to an expert company in this technique). Only the jewelry process can take around 3 months or more when we are doing product development. When it comes to a product that we are reproducing, it may take around 3 weeks depending on the quantities.


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