Divino Seas

Ana de Kiev Bikini Set

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Divino Seas


Color: - Vanilla/ Pink Blue/ Light Stripes

The Russian’s doll style bikini, the colors are inspired in the famous movie of Marie Antoniette. This bikini has vanilla color, pink and light blue stripes that gives you the look of a princess.

The top fits perfectly to any type of body, it has inner pads that gives you more shape, comfort and support, it’s V shape front cut gives a glimpse of what’s inside but only enough to keep it a secret, it has vanilla color straps with a finishing bow.

The bottom is a vintage-modern mix semi-high waisted fit, it hides perfectly the non-desired parts that us women mostly like to hide making our waist look smaller, it shows only enough and makes your legs look longer than usual giving you a simple, elegant and girly touch regardless of your height or your curves.


88% Polyester 12% Spandex

Model Wears size S

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